When buying a diamond, there is lots of information available about cuts, shapes and so
on, but to be able to make the most of that it is important to understand the various
components of a diamond so that such specifications are easier to understand.

There are eight main components:
  • Table – the largest polished facet on the upper surface of the diamond.
  • Table Spread – The width of the Table.
  • Crown – The angles are of the upper surface, featuring several types of facets.
  • Crown Mains (or Bezel facets), Star Facets, Upper Halves (or Upper Girdle Facets) and a Table Facet.
  • Diameter – The total width of the diamond.
  • Girdle – The ridge where the Pavilion and Crown meet.
  • Pavilion – The lower portion of the diamond below the girdle, stretching down to the Culet.
  • Culet – The pointed facet at the very bottom of the diamond.
  • Depth – The height of the diamond, measured from the Culet to the Table.