Every diamond is unique, and with such a vast choice of diamonds available, picking the right one for you can seem overwhelming. However, by following the steps outlined here, you can narrow down the search and find the perfect diamond faster than you might think. By focusing on small steps, we can work towards the right diamond without being overwhelmed or distracted, and our first step is a simple one.

  1. Shape

Choose the shape of diamond that you want, this can be influenced by what the diamond is being used for. If you are unsure about the shape needed, a Round Brilliant Cut or Princess Cut are suited to most situations.

  1. Carat Weight

If you really want a 1 carat diamond, no matter how beautiful it is, a half carat diamond will never be quite right, so pick the minimum carat weight now.

  1. Narrow down the choices

With your criteria from the first two steps, you will now have a wide choice of suitable diamonds of all prices. Now it is time to narrow down until you find the best diamond within your budget.

To do this, think about what you want from the diamond, the two features that really matter are cut and color, with clarity having the least effect.

The Cut should be of Very Good or Excellent grade to give you the high levels of brilliance you want, but if you are going for fancy shaped cuts, Good or better grade will have the same effect. Symmetry and Polish should be very good or excellent too, so that the beauty that those cut grades produce is not lost.

If you are on a budget and are most concerned with size, you can see good results with a fancy shape and a Fair to Good grade cut, while it will lack the brilliance and scintillation of the higher-grade cuts, you will get a larger diamond for your money. Avoid Poor cut diamonds, even if size is the primary concern. Most find these diamonds to be an unacceptable trade off, despite the lower price. Heiress does not offer Poor cut diamonds.

If you have a well-cut diamond of those grades, you can make a few compromises in other areas to meet budget needs, a G or H color rating will still look incredibly beautiful with an excellent cut for instance.

The other area we can make a compromise without harming appearance is in clarity, where we can look for ratings in the as low as VS2 without compromising the diamond.

By focusing on the shape, cut and color in that order, and making a few compromises in clarity and color as required, you will quickly find the perfect diamond for your needs.