What are GIA, HRD and IGI diamond certificates?

A Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD), or International Gemological Institute (IGI) diamond certificate guarantees the worth as well as quality of your diamond. GIA, HRD and IGI are the gold standard in the grading of diamond and their reports feature the major characteristics of every diamond.

What are the "Four C's"?

The Four C's - Carat (size), Color, Clarity along with Cut - are the industry grade standard from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each diamond is specially graded based on these features.

What is "Cut"?

A diamond's cut decides the way it efficiently returns light to the eye of the viewer: a well-cut diamond looks brilliant as well as fiery, while one that is poorly cut looks dark as well as lifeless. Well-cut diamonds frequently look larger compared to stones belonging to the same carat weight. Click here to learn further about cuts

What does the term "eye clean" mean?

Eye-Clean" is a phrase employed to depict a diamond that is clean to an unaided eye in a face-up location from a distance of between 8 to 10 inches. Diamonds of VS2 or higher in quality will frequently be eye- clean. The Diamonds of SI1, SI2 along with I1 need to be inspected visually to decide whether any inclusions are observable from the top. We can examine any diamond at no cost.

How can I make sure the diamonds I receive are actually the diamonds I ordered?

We ship all loose diamonds as well as diamond engagement ring with an autonomous GIA, IGI or HRD lab report. This report can be inspected by a competent gemologist as opposed to the unique features of your diamond.

I found a diamond in your website that I like. Is it available?

Sure, all diamonds displayed on our system are obtainable at the viewing time. We update our stockiest on daily basis and are just able to promise its accessibility upon getting full payment.

Are any of your diamonds laser treated, clarity enhanced, color enhanced, or modified in any way?

Our business only offers 100% natural diamonds. This implies no treated, imitation or clarity deepened diamonds by Heiress Diamonds.

Heiress Diamonds works together with only the most famous certificates of the diamond business worldwide, which are the GIA, HRD & IGI.

At Heiress Diamonds we only trade conflict free diamonds and we purchase diamonds via legitimate & ethical diamond manufacturers sources.

*We hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/ or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

We offer the full range of Diamond clarity and colours including the fancy colours.

Do the 18k white gold rings turn yellow over time?

Yes, it will slightly change. In order to give 18kt White Gold a pure white color, it is plated with rhodium. This is a standard practice for 14kt and 18kt White Gold jewellery. Eventually, the rhodium plating might wear off.

How often do you add diamonds to your inventory?

We update our inventory on a daily basis.